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"27N, Censorship, and the Role of the Intellectual in the Cuban Revolution

March 18th, 2021
2:00 PM CST

Virtual event via Zoom!
Zoom link here

In this talk, Laura-Zoe Humphreys contextualizes the current 27N protest movement within a longer history of Cuban artists and intellectuals’ effort to counter censorship and negotiate a new relationship between dissidents and revolutionaries and between Cubans on the island and the diaspora. Addressing key historical events such as the 2007 “guerra de los emails” (email war), in which Cuban artists and intellectuals first made collective use of digital technologies to protest censorship, Humphreys asks how 27N both reproduces pre-existing tactics and indicates new dynamic in the relationship between Cuban intellectuals and the state.

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Contemporary Cuba Speaker Series: Dr. Laura-Zoe Humphreys




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