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Matching Faculty

  • Laura Rosanne Adderley

    Associate Professor - History
  • Katherine Andrinopoulos

    Associate Professor - Global Health Systems and Development
  • Mia Bagneris

    Associate Professor - Art History
  • Carolina Caballero

    Professor of Practice - Spanish and Portuguese
  • Hortensia Calvo

    Doris Stone Director - The Latin American Library
  • Eugene Cizek

    Professor Emeritus - Architecture
  • Dave Davis

    Professor Emeritus - Director, Institutional Research
  • Guadalupe García

    Assistant Professor - History
  • Annie Gibson

    Administrative Assistant Professor - Department of Global Education
  • Oliver Houck

    Professor - Law
  • Thomas A. Klingler

    Professor - French & Italian
  • Jana Lipman

    Associate Professor - History
  • Ana M. López

    Director - Cuban and Caribbean Studies Institute, Professor - Communication, Associate Provost - Office for Faculty Affairs
  • Marilyn Miller

    Associate Professor - Spanish & Portuguese
  • Thomas Sherry

    Professor - Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
  • Beverly Trask

    Associate Professor - Theatre & Dance




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On/Off-Screen: The Other Histories of Cinema in Latin America

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On/Off Screen. The Other Histories of Cinema in Latin America / Las otras historias del cine en América Latina explores practices of film distribution, exhibition and cinemagoing in Latin America. Over the past decade, the receiving end of the film chain, including patterns of film distribution and exhibition and the experiences of cinemagoers, has received increasing scholarly attention. Although this turn has made inroads beyond Eurocentric, Anglo-American limits, there is still a need to highlight other important cinematographic regions, especially Latin America. The symposium brings together scholars working in/on this domain from Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Cuba, and the US, etc to engage in conversations about film culture across the Western hemisphere.

More information can be found on the website, here.